Chef 2017 Hindi Movie

Chef 2017 Hindi Movie Watch Online Download For Free

Chef 2017 Hindi Movie Watch Online Download For Free


Chef 2017 Hindi Movie Watch Online Download For Free. Chef Roshan Kalra sets out to find the true source of happiness and reignite his passion for food while being more present in his son’s life.

Chef 2017 Hindi Movie Watch Online Download For Free

User Review.

The story is about the beauty and simplicity of life made unnecessarily complicated by our own choice of joining the rat race. The story is about priorities in life. I loved watching this movie, even the second time. One of the best in the recent times. The narration is intelligent, even paced and I thought the cast was well thought through, especially the Bangladeshi and the various Mallu characters, each one playing their part to perfection. Milind Soman plays his part but I cant help objectifying him a small bit. He really is a balm to sore eyes.

The script, screenplay, the direction and the actors have come together in a rare synergy to bring out the various issues in modern day life in a realistic way. The characterisation is brilliant. The underlying or should I say the overlying quirky humour throughout deserves its own mention. But it is also to be said that maybe being aware of the typical types of behaviour of people from Bangladesh and more specifically Malyalees prompted my bursts of laughter throughout the movie.

Watch out for the detailing of characters ‘Nazrul’ and ‘Alex’. Actually it is difficult to find any flaw or loopholes in the detailing in any frame. The director has managed to bring out the nuances of a Kerala town life well enough for even a non-mallu to enjoy it.

It is a wonderful movie and initially the movie bombing perplexed me, but now I am just disappointed. I know there is a sizable portion of intelligent audience in India, where are they? How can this movie bomb? I don’t know if it was the marketing or the lack of it. Did the actors miss going to stupid chat shows and prance around to promote their movie or did they miss making multiple mini trailers? Or was it just the naming of the movie? Whatever it was, it is just sad that such a wonderful movie is not reaching the right audience, whereas a brainless crass remake of an absolute dud original is a hit. I pity the standard of our audience. I really wish it rises up one tiny notch. The whole thing feels like sabotage.


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