Rick Ravanello


Rick Ravanello started his acting career back in 1996. Rick immediately started to earn many television and film roles which eventually lead to an audition that landed in the hands of Steven Spielberg of Dreamworks SKG. Mr. Spielberg quickly had Rick flown to Los Angeles where he met with Tom Hanks and Tony To. They discussed an upcoming project titled "Band of Brothers". Although Rick did not go on to film the mini-series, Mr. Spielberg offered Rick a deal to star in an upcoming Dreamworks television project. Since his arrival in L.A., Rick has since been very active. He earned a role in _Hart's War(2002)_ where he worked along side Bruce Willis in Prague, Czech Republic. "The Cave" put Rick back on screen with fellow "Hart's War" actor and friend Cole Hauser a couple of years later. Rick Ravanello has proved himself to be a very versatile performer with a range from character roles to the leading man. He has three younger brothers, Chris, Lawrence and Michael (Michael sustained a brain injury back in 1994 which has left him hospitalized since. Michael has since passed away). The loss of his youngest brother has been a life changer for him as he'll tell you. Rick has always been involved with many charitable groups ranging from those that support The United States Military to those supporting cancer patients and their families. He loves to play golf and is an avid practitioner of the Martial Arts. Muay Thai being his current passion. Rick resides in Southern California.


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