Rayanna Dibs


Rayanna Dibs is a British actress from Wiltshire, England, based in London for 10 years. She is known for her stage role in Nell Dunn's Steaming and various British independent films such as Alone, The Days Inbetween, and the 2016 Cannes-selected short film Sally's Inner Demons. Crazy about acting since childhood, Rayanna Dibs became obsessed with 80s/90s action movies thanks to her father, and spent her youth watching the likes of Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson and Arnie save the day! She won her first lead stage role in Willy Russell's hit musical Blood Brothers at 17, which she performed in the U.S. Rayanna later went on to study acting and modern drama in London, training with various teachers over the years both in London and the U.S. She has worked on numerous film projects, theatre productions and has begun branching out into television. Recent film credits include ORCHID and BETWEEN THE DIVIDE shot this Summer in the UK. Cannes Selected short-film SALLY'S INNER DEMONS in which Rayanna plays the lead role, and British independent Feature Films ALONE, and OUR LITTLE HAVEN due for release soon. The Russian blockbuster movie THE CREW in which Rayanna dubbed the lead female voice hit No.1 at the Russian Box-Office for two consecutive weeks in 2016. In theatre, Rayanna has performed leading roles including good time girl Josie in Nell Dunn's classic 80s hit STEAMING, Mrs Johnstone in BLOOD BROTHERS, and the lead in the play ONLY BRUISES which debuted at the Edinburgh Festival 2014. Rayanna has been on screen in the U.S TV movie drama MIRACLE LANDING ON THE HUDSON directed by Emmy award winner Simon George. Her last appearance was on U.S hit TV series 50 WAYS TO KILL YOUR LOVER on Investigation Discovery and she is soon heading off ro LA to film a role in a brand new NETFLIX Series. ​ Rayanna is motivated by relationships, collaboration, story-telling, and exploring rich daring characters. Beyond her fascination for film-making and performance, her interests include live music & festivals. She also likes to cook with a particular interest in Middle Eastern and Lebanese food, but should probably stick to acting if her attempts to play chef are anything to go by!


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