Born as Ron Braunstein, in Brooklyn, New York, raised in the Glenwood Housing Projects, Flatbush/Canarsie section of Brooklyn. Known internationally as the hardcore Hiphop artist, Necro. Owner of the independent, Psycho+Logical-Records, which he started in 1999 to release his solo albums as well as many other artists. Started playing music, first guitar, at as early as 9 years old, performing with a band on stage by 11 years old, frequently playing clubs like L'Amour opening for bigger bands. Attended South Shore High School up until 10th grade where he was kicked out for continuous fighting. By 16 years old, Ron started selling drugs as a full time occupation, even going as far as to make business cards for customers to contact him. After his father refused to pay for film school, Ron took his drug money and invested it in 2 film courses and 1 acting course in Brooklyn College at the age of 18 years old. During this time, Ron was taking directing more serious than acting, where he directed 2 short silent 70s themed films shot on super 8 and 16mm film, both funded by drug money as well. It was more than 10 years later that Ron decided to take acting as a craft more seriously and decided to attend The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Ron really connected well with teacher and legendary actor Paul Calderon, who was teaching Acting For Film. Ron felt he learned the most from Paul who understood Ron's street sense, since Paul comes from the New York City streets as well. Paul said he saw more potential in Ron within the first 3 months of learning than other students that attended Strasberg for 3 years. Inspiration like that and great teaching has kept Ron on an ambitious mission to become a respected and real actor in the drama field moving forward.


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